Meet 16 year old Kalyani Shrivastava from Jhansi.She has created Desi Ac for just Rs 1850.

Kalyani Srivastava, a 16year old girl from Jhansi, has emerged as a maseeha for such people. The girl has made a groundbreaking invention to not only help rural India but the rest of the world to beat the heat in an eco-friendly way! She has come up with the most affordable AC around the world – ‘Desi A.C.’, costing just Rs.1800.

What is unique about Desi A.C.?

1.  It does not cause pollution; it eliminates the emission of CFCs into the already depleting ozone layer.

2.  It works on solar energy reducing the costs, it is easy to use and don’t even cause electricity bills to soar.

How does it work?

Charged up by solar energy, the ‘Desi AC’ has a thermocol ice box in which there is a 12-volt DC fan which powers on to release cold air through the vent up top, bringing the room temperature down by 4-5 degrees if run for an hour. 

In 2016, Kalyani was honoured as part of the initiative ’Naari Samman’ launched by the Uttar Pradesh government in partnership with Hindi newspaper Amar Ujala. Her invention went on to be selected by IIT-Delhi for the National Level Model Competition and received a lot of fanfare.

By inventing this Desi AC, Kalyani not only impressed Indians but foreigners too. The scientists of Japan were very keen about the invention. She also received an invitation from the technology hub of the world, Japan, to be a part of a seminar organised by the Japan-Asia youth exchange program.

The young generation has taken the issue of global warming in their hands by introducing new and innovative inventions and techniques to save the environment.

Kalyani Srivastava has proved that India has no dearth of unique and extra ordinary geniuses who are making us proud as well as portraying a positive Image of India in the Global front.

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