Andrew suryono was about to put his camera away due to rain,when he noticed an orangutan using leaf for shelter. He quickly snapped this shot,who got him a honorable mention in the 2015 National Geographic photo contest.

I went for a vacation with the whole family to our favourite destination, Bali Island. We stopped by a local zoo and when we got there, it was about to rain. Then, I noticed a baby orangutan picking up a Taro leaf. As soon as I saw the baby orang-utan, I had a feeling that I’m about to see something exciting so I got my camera ready.

My family had found a place to cover themselves from the rain and they were shouting at me to get away from the rain and join them. I heard them but I was so into the moment that I didn’t care about getting myself or my camera wet. When the rain started pouring, the baby orangutan lifted the Taro leaf to cover his head and I immediately held my shutter button as long as I could. I used the burst mode on my camera. I got several images and this one is the one that I liked best. It truly captured the emotion in that particular moment so deeply.

I never expected this image to go viral and be so famous. The funny thing is, I didn’t even know about that Google search results before you told me. Both Sony and the World Photography Organisation have so many networks around the globe. Being a part of the Sony World Photography Awards has given my work tremendous exposure.

Before I won the National Award, my photo was selected for the “last call for entries” press release. As soon as the press release was published, I saw my image literally everywhere online. I saw it on CNN, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Telegraph and other big international sites. It was also featured in big news site in Indonesia and on social media.

A lot of my friends, families and relatives saw that picture and my name on their favourite news site and they sent me congratulatory notes. Even until today, I still see my image being reposted on Instagram and Facebook by different people everywhere very frequently. I honestly didn’t expect to get this kind of visibility by winning a photo competition.

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