A woman in Australia win $825 on a horse race, and posted a selfie to show for the winning ticket to her facebook friends.But one of them captured the ticket barcode from the selfie and cliamed the Winning for themselves.

A woman named Chantelle from Perth, Australia, found this out the hard way when she won $825( £384) on a bet at the Melbourne Cup horse race.

She posted a grinning selfie on Facebook, including her winning ticket, complete with scannable barcode to celebrate winning $825, on a horse called Prince Of Penzance with 101-1 odds.

She bet $20(£9.31) on the horse, and won an astonishing amount.

Little did Chantelle know, the photo of the barcode could be used at an automated machine to claim the cash - which is exactly what someone did.

She found that one of her Facebook 'friends' is not a real friend at all.

Someone used her barcode to calm the winnings for their own.

“To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings. You’re a massive d***. You ruined my day,” she wrote on Facebook.

Chantelle told local radio station Triple M that police were able to track where the money was claimed and are confident of finding the person responsible.

We have contacted Victoria Police Force for comment.

She said: "I'd never bet before so I went with some friends and put some money on a few different horses.

"When Prince of Penzance's name came up we were stoked, we were so happy!

"Fifteen minutes later [after posting the selfie to Facebook] I went to collect the money and was told it had already been claimed.

"All of our profiles are private, so it has to be someone we would like to think of as an acquaintance, I will have to have a Facebook cull now."

This is definitely a lesson against posting selfies on Facebook without assessing the consequences.

The radio station gave her the full amount of money she placed on the bet - $20 - so all was not lost.

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